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Ecotecture ® is committed to providing the highest level of service and we are confident that with our experience, we will offer a high blend of knowledge, delivered in a proven and effective manner.
Our approach to assignments is both consultative and collaborative and ensures that all stakeholders share in the rewards of a successful project.
Our team has extensive experience in architectural design, environmental design, master planning, interior design and contract administration. It has a wealth of experience in handling projects of varying sizes and complexities in the Kenya and the greater East African region.

We mainly work on the following categories of buildings:


What is your dream retirement home? Do you have a rough picture of it? Give us the chance to serve you and give you the best design.


A good healthcare facility requires a lot of attention in terms of aeration, light, logistics and other factors. We put all this into consideration during the design stage.


We offer good interior design to ensure that your office becomes outstanding. We do all the stages from design to finalizing the entry of the office.

Workshop & Industrial

Do you want to design go downs for your industry or workshop? We design world-class structures and incorporate our structural engineers from the initial stages.

Sustainable Retrofittings

Sustainable retrofitting of buildings in urban areas to make it more energy-efficient than building the new construction and offers great ROI


Hotels are often complex buildings designed to accommodate a wide range of activities. Maintaining optimum temperature and internal climate is an essential element in supporting the living environment.


We have a construction services teams that specialize in this type of work whereby we build everything from hospitals and elementary schools to athletic facilities and university buildings.

Sports & Recreational

We design structures that are the optimal solution for fitness and recreational sports centres, including gymnasiums, pool enclosures and more.

Educational & Research

We design buildings and structures that meet the international standard and offer the best security. We put into consideration the many environmental and architectural factors that are required.

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